Divorce by Mirror S’buko

Mirror S'buko | January 24th, 2017 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments


I divorce you for foolishly
Bringing my name into disrepute
And tarnishing my brand name image

I divorce you for repeatedly
Raping my reasoning
And looting my bank account

I divorce you for stupidly
Remaining my endless liability
And depreciating my worth

I divorce you for constantly
Bankrupting my up-stairs
And hacking my ethical morals

I divorce you for selfishly
Incapacitating my reasoning
And disorganising my priorities

I divorce you for endlessly
Blinding my eye sight
And corrupting my mind

I divorce you for corruptly
Stealing my conscience
And mismanaging my mind

I divorce you for criminally
Crooking my brain capacity
And dismantling my humanity

I divorce you for temporally
Painting my white eyes red
And vandalising my looks

I divorce you ignorantly
Rubbishing my good dignity
And slandering my brand name

I divorce you for completely
Destabilising my body joints
And my ability to walk upright

I divorce you for cruelly
Killing me, I and sense of self
And polluting my manhood pride

Poet Bio

1. Sibukosezwe Eustice Mirror Mthimkhulu was born on the 25th August 1980 in Nongoma, KZN province
2. Matriculated in 1998 with exemption and distention in History HG Queen Kita-kita High School in Nongoma
3. Studied Political Science and Philosophy in the then University of Natal Durban Campus between 1999 to 2001 and graduated with a BA degree. He also holds a Higher Certificate in ABET
4. Started writing for publication in the year 2000 and submitted his essays collection to Shutter and Shooter Publishers, which were approved as worth publishing, but would have to wait due to the lack of market for Zulu essays in public schools who were the major customer for that publisher
5. Begin his teaching career from 2004 to 2013. He was teaching English First Additional Language, IsiZulu Home Language and Life Skills/Orientation from grade 8 to 12
6. He is a respected commentator in various Face Book groups, where he frequently shares his prolific writing skills with readers who like the intellectual discussion
7. He is a regular writer in various newspapers’ letters to the editors, where he normally penned talking, fascinating, thought provoking, striking and amazing piece of intellectual property
8. He is in a process of launching a community small newspaper as its Chief Editor under his non-profit organisation. He will do this in Vryheid, KZN where he lives now
9. He is a regular, respected and renown writer in a Love Letter feature in a show called, Ezingasoze Zabuna, which is hosted by Nongcebo Mackenzi in Ukhozi FM
10. He has written countless English & Zulu essays, English & Zulu poems as well as the countless English & Zulu debates (all not yet published). He has been writing, printing, binding, marketing English FAL matric study guides and sell them to grade 12 learners since 2014 to date at moderate price

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