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My beloved one,
Please do not disappoint me
When I see you again.
Do not lose that laughter
That used to brighten our day
Do not lose that wisdom
You always taught and passed to your offspring
Do not disappoint us
By losing your passion
Something that elevated all the good things we find in you
Do not lose the love you had for your family
Something that makes us grow into a beautiful family tree
I will be disappointed
If you not as strict as you used to be
Because through that, you instilled discipline, respect and above them all discernment.
That is how you showed us love
And that is why your memory will always be treasured in our hearts.
It wont be easy to wait till the day we meet again
But you are worth the wait
Oooh and please…please do not disappoint us
By coming back late
Because we cannot wait
To see you again!!

Poet Bio

I am a 26-year-old independent woman, who expresses herself through poetry. I am currently completing my LLB degree. I am lovable, kind, forgiving and very spiritual.

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