Don’t We All Drown In Indoctrination? by Celia Turner

Celia Turner | May 10th, 2024 | poetry | No Comments


Sweet flesh we are born with, malleable, small sponges. Little elephants tethered to a stake, when we grow, we forget we can just pull free with our adult size and strength, our must. Like a fish we erupt out of water into air, perish, gills pumping, our final flap, demise on dry land.

Poet Bio

Celia Turner is a Loveland published poet in Northern Colorado Writers and Columbine Poets annual anthologies,Poetry Potion and winner of the 2020 Denver Women’s Press Club Unknown Writer’s Contest. She regularly studies poetry, takes workshops and classes. The Grind online practice of a daily poem submitted to a random participating group each month has been a boon. Poetry for her is an ongoing intimate conversation she continues to have with those unmet but not unknown.

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