Double Jeopardy by Obiageli Iloakasia

Obiageli Iloakasia | March 23rd, 2021 | poetry | No Comments

Poet Bio

when we see ourselves…
No! Each other!
we will scribble down thoughts
of rejection minus acceptance,
soaked in a pool of ‘the time will come’,
disregarding every impulse
to name us worthy
simply because we look nothing like them

that woman is me, and you,
and every other being rejected by them
and not accepted by us, still

this, is double jeopardy!

on many nights, we stay awake,
answering to their deep seated desires,
loosing ourselves to hold them
in fear that death might be our fate
at the sight of people calling us out!

that woman is me!
never for once have I wielded
the liberty to love and be loved
just the way I want.

that woman is you!
the world thinks your life is immaterial
but I know for once ,
you deserve to be given a chance at life.

that woman is you and me!

Poet Bio

Obiageli A. Iloakasia (fondly called Oby or Abby) is a Nigerian Poet, Storyteller, Literary Critic and Freelance Editor who explores diverse aesthetic forms in her writings as she attempts to capture contemporary issues in Africa and beyond.

Her first book titled Twitter Street was published in January, 2021 and was well accepted by readers.

Obiageli’s poems and short pieces have also featured in several blogs and online platforms which have received commendations from her wider audience.

She believes that poetry is a powerful tool that can be used to change the world. As such, she never resists the impulse to speak with her voice.

With keen interest in personal development, a part of her writing expresses life and living just as it is. She is very intentional about Leadership, Teaching and Learning.

Oby currently writes from Nigeria.

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