Dream sequence I by NoLIFE

NoLIFE | October 3rd, 2021 | a poem a day challenge | No Comments


There are splinters where you failed to love yourself,
Streams that break from the river, attempting to touch but never reach,
Or sensory nerves touching the spine but never feeling

If you look down the stream of self-doubt,
along the outgrowths,
you’ll find multiverses you could have loved in.

Now take a look down this path,
Self-acceptance crops out anxiety,
where the doubt was clarity — it also captures the heart.

This can be home
But there are finite moments of happiness.
And there are also ends to longer streams

You can choose one,
but you’ll return to your mind like you’ve just awakened from a pleasant dream,
Only to be tortured by the separation.

So, every time you choose sadness,
Tiny fracture disassemble time,
birthing parallel dimensions

And the collective self screams:
“There are many worlds we could have loved in,

They are expanding
but you chose to stay…

Poet Bio

Just a cool dude trying to untangle existence one chocolate at a time.

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