Dunes of June by Thabang Ngoma

Thabang Ngoma | June 6th, 2014 | a poem a day challenge | No Comments

Poet Bio

Leaving no trace of steps taken by those who dare chase their dreams
An unforgiving extreme of frozen Europa and charred, dried streams
A meandering maze of an ever-changing, ever-moving landscape
A manifestation once entered, none can dare escape

Memories carried on a breeze from distant land and seas
Sad goodbyes to vibrancies of land once fertile with possibilities
A nation born from a beaming light thorough a prism
Now harming a tune of gloom like the prophet of doom

A sprout in the shade of a stone from a dormant seed
A sleeping giant poised to give rise to an ever-green forest
Like miracle dewdrops in the midst of a drought
Prosper and unite into rivers that flow with might

Beware the scorpions buried like landmines in the sand
Unstep the old flag and not to step onto quicksand
Take stock at the summit lest you go around in circles
Remember the 176 back in ’76 and strive for success

Poet Bio

I am an aspiring writer and enjoy both reading and writing poetry. My passion is film and hope to one pursue a career as a script writer.


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