Dying Ages by Mmangwedi

Mmangwedi | February 22nd, 2023 | poetry | No Comments


memory is the smell of lavender potpourri on shiny wooden floors,
remember the notes on all our doors,
and the wilting nostalgia of my mother’s smile,
I remember all the things we haven’t said in a while,
and how our silence stifles our emotions unbear,
forgetting is a nightmare,
this wilting nostalgia,
haunts me,
I forgot all the things that earthed our love,
and how Makeba sang comforts that felt like messages from above,
I remember the Sundays, the seven colours, the hymns, the hallelujahs, and the hollowness that you left,
when you left.

Poet Bio

Kebotlhale Motseothata is a multidisciplinary poet, writer, scholar and researcher.

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