Earth by Zinia Mitra

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As I slowly turn into the earth
I perceive my gnarled roots have gone deep down
like that of a two- hundred- year- old banyan tree
with its dark green symmetrical tangled leaves
and tenacious vines some of which crawl into the dark recess of the earth
to birth other hungry roots. As I slowly turn into the earth
I perceive that I hold quiet water
in my palms, water from stagnant ponds
and green freshwater lakes. Also ancient teardrops from mourning eyes.
Before turning into the earth I discern
that the lid of the dense blue sky is open
the planar clouds’ meaningless forms
play shapes of fearful animals
hulking bears and sharp-toothed alligators
float about like old scars
then there are no more shapes to play
then it rains to create another clear sapphire space.
As I slowly turn into earth I perceive that
I think of your green rimmed eyes. Sometimes.

Poet Bio

Zinia Mitra teaches English in the University of North Bengal. Her travelogues and articles have been published in The Statesman. Her poems have been published in National and International journals including Muse India, Ruminations, Contemporary Literary Review, Kavya Bharati, East Lit. Indian Literature (Sahitya Akademi), Asian Signature, Teesta Review, Setu.
Her translations have been published in books and journals including Indian Literature (Sahitya Akademi). Her translation of Abanindranath Tagore’s Khirer Putul has been published by Parabaaas. Her translation of “Jatiner Juto” by Sukumar Ray as ‘Jatin and his Sandals’ is included in ICSE text book, A Magic Place.
Her books include Indian Poetry in English: Critical Essays, Poetry of Jayanta Mahapatra: Imagery and Experiential Identity, Twentieth Century British Literature: Reconstructing Literary Sensibility (co-edited), Interact (co-edited) and The Concept of Motherhood in India: Myths, Theories and Realities. She is on the editorial board of Teesta Review.
Zinia Mitra writes from Siliguri, Darjeeling

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7 thoughts on “Earth by Zinia Mitra”

  1. Thank you Robert Masterson, Rajib Kumar. Nilotpal Ray for your appreciation and inputs.

  2. Thank you for writing this lovely poem.

    “I think of your green rimmed eyes. Sometimes.”


  3. ” Slowly as I turn “- would have sounded better. Nice Zinia…. Carry on

  4. The poem” Earth “by Zinia Mitra is replete with images.In it the poet has drawn a lively and beautiful silhouette in the following :
    ….”the planar clouds’ meaningless forms
    play shapes of fearful animals
    hulking bears and sharp……float about”

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