Echoes of The Past by Laeeq Orrie

Laeeq Orrie | April 17th, 2024 | a poem a day challenge | No Comments


In the hush of twilight, shadows dance,
A silent symphony of memories lost,
Echoes of laughter, whispers in the wind.

Daytime ghosts roam the fields,
Their spectres painted on golden wheat,
Footsteps echo in the chambers of my heart.

The visitation of what once was,
A haunting melody of what could have been,
Voices in the field, calling out to me.

But time is a cruel master,
Its hands steal moments, memories,
Leaving only echoes in its wake.

Poet Bio

Laeeq is a writer, 18 years of age
Poetry is one of his many great passions
All of his poetic pieces are unique
His every word, expressed in great complexity

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