Eclipse by Hafsa Mumtaz

Hafsa Mumtaz | November 25th, 2021 | a poem a day challenge | No Comments

Poet Bio

the reverberance of my thoughts grows from
moribund ebon to sanguine tides in my veins to
ashen grey of meaninglessness of life to
clamping teal blue of monachopsis & chaos to
blinding white of nothingness & numbness
words blur & quiver like the vista in epilepsy
the strings of hope fumble for cadence & gravity
self-effacing seems the key in amidst the squalls
but the flapping sails insist on self-embracing
the eclipse of acumen darkens the vicinity
the sharpening shadow conflates lies & truths
into a single stencil of a key so you dive into
the haunting whirl of uncertainty & obscurity
wavering on the paper-thin edge of nonplus
flummoxing crystal lucidity with deterring complexity
tinkering with thoughts, feelings, & contexts
clarity swings on the brink of acquiescence
& sanity shudders as fancy pirouettes into a void  

Poet Bio

Hafsa Mumtaz, aged 22, is an emerging Muslim poet from Pakistan, with a bachelor in English Language and Literature. Her poetry has been published in Visual Verse, The Rising Phoenix Review, Women’s Spiritual Poetry, The New Verse News, Poetry Potion, Autumn Sky Poetry Daily, Terror House Magazine, Ravi Magazine, The Sandy River Review, and has appeared or is forthcoming in Couplet Poetry.

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