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Poetry Potion | February 2nd, 2011 | editorial | No Comments

2011 is upon us for sure. it felt like it would never come, thank goodness it is here.

now it’s time for us to get to it. it’s time for us to dream a brand new dream for ourselves. it’s time we let go of what ever crap we had to experience in the past year. put it down to experience, life lessons, tests that we’ve triumphed over (or will triumph over).

this time, this yes, let us hold up our dreams, wishes and promises. let’s remember what success, achievement, happiness mean and work really hard to get to that place that we want to be. we can do it.

i started poetrypotion.com because i wanted to create a space that is for poets. a platform for poets to publish their best work and be proud of it. i personally wanted to make a worthy contribution to south afrikan poetry and poetry the world over.

more than good poetry and a worthy space, i want to contribute to the growth of this discipline. i want to help move it along from just a mere chance at self-expression to it being just as rewarding for the poet as it is to the ready – let’s get over the ‘starving poet’ phase. other countries have shown that it’s possible.

my dream for poetrypotion.com this year, is i publish better and better poetry every month. i want to see the first print edition out in stores, in people’s hands, bedside tables, libraries. most importantly, i want to make progress in making sure that poets can start earn more than a “nice poem” for their hard work.

thank you for being with me on this journey in the past year. i appreciate your interest, your appreciation and poetry.

let’s make this year everything we hope for.


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