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Poetry Potion | September 26th, 2014 | current issue, editorial | No Comments

i am that word in
red, blue, blk ink
mating pen and paper
giving birth to seeds
that plant,
let grow,
ravage and fester
in your mind.
i scribble, dance,
twist and swerve
across the page
in the bloody rage
of the red that waters
the roots of this earth,
raining down to bless with a kiss.
this red flows, oozes,
bursts out of my womb
with all my unconceived art
and i see red thinking of all their
unfound fathers.
these seeds fester,
gnaw, ravage and
eat your brains
if they are not spoken
not for tokens,
i’m not jokin’ for
when i vomit blue ink
onto the paper
staining your soul
in patterns that look like all your cursed women
i breathe peace in pieces
of broken speech teach the unbelieving that believing’s got
nothing to do with some
god and his son.
i paint in blue for the few that live
the rage and passion
that flows through artistic veins to
burst into multiple orgasms
epiphanies coming
again and again in a ripple effect.
i breathe into you the blues
that we all choose
let (con)fuse our rhythm with
hallucinations of levitation while
searching for elevation in
oblivion’s dark space.
don’t you know that
blk ink is the absence of colour and
the mixture all colours
blk’s with you even in light
make peace and embrace
blk man and woman
child and elder coz
don’t you know sleep is
time travel in space
dreams blk and white
i highlight in blue and red coz
blk was, is and
always will be in space
in this race for blood
only the word
first in the design of
my DNA then at the
tip of my fingers
oozing out in
red, blue and blk onto the page
this wordfest don’t sleep
it manifests a rage on the stage and
i spit fire for change
scribble, twist, dance
across the page
rewrite herstory
redefining this age
make clear mother nature’s face for the blk race in
blue, red and blk ink.

duduzile zamantungwa mabaso
editor, publisher



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