El focicu real / The True Face by Xe M. Sánchez

Xe M. Sánchez | July 29th, 2022 | poetry | No Comments


You still do not understand
that all kinds of art
are abstract art.
Abstraction is the boundary
that separates the art
from what we call reality,
despite sometimes
I only find the true face
of that reality
in art.


Entá nun pescancies
que toles tribes d’arte
son arte astrautu.
L’astraución ye la llende
que dixebra l’arte
d’eso que nomamos realidá,
magar que de xemes en cuandu
namái atopo’l real focicu
d’esa realidá
nel arte.

Poet Bio

Xe M. Sánchez was born in 1970 in Grau (Asturies, Spain). He received his Ph.D in History from the University of Oviedo in 2016, he is anthropologist, and he also studied Tourism and three masters. He has published in Asturian language seven books and several publications in journals and reviews in Asturies, USA, Portugal, France, Sweden, Scotland, Australia, South Africa, India, England, Canada, Reunion Island, China, Belgium, Ireland, Netherlands, Austria, Turkey, Singapore and Germany.

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