Elapsed by Jazz Africa

Jazz Africa | June 9th, 2011 | a poem a day challenge | No Comments
Miles gone by beyond and unreachable
Neatly wrapped like fresh dough inside a tsampa bowl
Memories, hidden well, tucked in like a pappoose under its covers
Hidden behind “doors wide open shut”
Comforting it seems, yet…
Yet, so belittling at times, yet…uplifting at times
Who cares? Who gives a damn?
Carefree I am, so I have grown to be
Shielded by powers unknown
Nothing bothers, nothing concerns
Years pass by, swift, smooth winds flow, I do not care
Thinking about tomorrow less
My own best enemies under my skin, thick
 I embrace
A journey of my soul I proclaim
A journey within
Cherries and berries are my best choices
Surprise and shock are not my solace
Mines are free spirited!
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