Elizabeth by Ibraheem Uthman

Quaz | November 3rd, 2022 | poetry | No Comments


I’ve seen this sky break into a purple dune
Gay birds whining in native songs
Pristine, this body
Bejewelled by the thick chime of light
& poetry, metaphor seasoned
& what seemed like God’s palms—
Gold ringed by heat haze from the many rooms of my heart

The gossip of tiles
Under those ballet pumps, bees, scratch of the wind against this darkness, hungers me

My mind eats & eats
I have taken my body— a tuxedo
To where a girl loves with her dark body
Soon we will break into a fire, in kitchens and beds
And the dusk of the playground where children build castles
All through, time shall wear our shoes, one of each
To where we will find God’s hundredth treasury

Poet Bio

Ibraheem Uthman is a poet and the author of the book, Mind of a Bard. He is a member of the Hill-Top Creative Art Foundation and he is writing from Minna, Niger State, Nigeria. Reach him on Twitter at @IbraheemUthman and Instagram at @i.uthmaan.

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