Emancipation by Laura Mostert

Laura Mostert | May 5th, 2021 | poetry | 1 Comment


Fourth dimensional cubes
Controlled by heads
Bourgeois are carefully packaged in one
Petty-bourgeois in another
The indigent squashed in larger cubes
Forked tongue, snake-heads guard the elite
As they need peaceful festivities

Darkness covers the sky
The elders speak of the once radiant sunshine
Younglings imaginings mute
They are droids cemented in metal frames

Tetrahedrons stealthy slither
Bringing in the egalitarian tide
To destroy the dreamscape pyramid
Constructed by hegemony

Humanity is now free
To be…

Poet Bio

Laura Mostert resides in the Western Cape. She has a degree in education and is currently a high school teacher.

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1 thought on “Emancipation by Laura Mostert”

  1. An accurate commentary on modern day society yet there’s a glimmer of hope that we as humans can make this world better. Amazing poem and an amazing poet. Well done!

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