Emotional Asylum by Bulumko Nyamezele

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introspection is always cold case when I partner it with happiness
and loneliness is the space where I teach my demons how to nurture your wings

there won’t be any search parties when I embark on a path to find myself from the places where I had lost you.

signs with your “missing” smile fall on emotionally illiterate eyes
you exhaled each breath with braille transcriptions of soliloquies between dissolving stitches from a wounded heart and the resurrected epiphanies of a mind damaged from bating your breath for too long
all you were waiting for was for me to love myself enough to understand your silence

I’m haunted by the ideas of a presence only absence treasures and pirate each moment in the memory of another’s touch
as you hyperventilate at the sound of my name, purging your skin of its effect and try once more to resuscitate the parts of you that die when you say it out loud

I’m am learning how to interpret my eyes’ narrative without your review
trying to close my lids as if they were praying arms so I could open my mind and see god again
to look into the mirror and be able to come back out without leaving truths behind
to draw pride from the wardrobe of thoughts and turn these noose dry tears from rope to a tie because your strength groomed me.

Poet Bio

_curious about the composition of words. learning how to learn.

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