Emotional map by Clement Mokwana Mokgoadi

Clement Mokwana Mokgoadi | Apr 23rd, 2020 | poetry | No Comments


I tried to understand you and so I mapped you
I connected lines within my soul to yours as if they were contours
I followed river streams and geographical patterns in order to reach you
You were lost and so I tried to find you
I drew a map, tailing every trail you left on me
An emotional map to get a hold of what we had
I went from point A to point B and yet I haven’t reached you
Of grieve I’m bleeding, from hunger for your presence I’m dying
I followed every trail in my heart and still reached a dead end
My map reached emotional mountains I can’t get over
The contour lines in my soul came to an end
For the first time, because of you, I’m sober
Turns out I’ve been drawing the wrong map
The map my mental health seeks is away from you
Loving you feels good but it’s bad for me
My way away from you is the only mapping I need

Poet Bio

Clement is obsessed with knowledge, he spends most of his time reading. He believes that through poetry everything can be understood.

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