Emotional Ties by Moodelay

Moodelay | April 7th, 2016 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments


A man’s dream was to be between my thighs
Before we built emotional ties
And run his fingers through my bonding
Without us bonding.
Mine was to wrap me around his soul like a belt around his waist.
Night and day we witness passions go to waste
Like water down the drain,
Even lovers love in vain,
Inflicting wounds that begot strain like his dream.
A man’s dream was
To fall between my thighs
And hear me scream
Before we built emotional ties
But my soul entangles all screams leading to streams of tears
So I play no syncopated tune without emotional ties
No man dances between my thighs without emotional ties
I am a piano that morns no melody
Without emotional ties.
For this brings no harmony

Poet Bio

Mamodiehi is a researcher and BA Social Sciences graduate from Wits University. She enjoys writing, reading and reciting poetry. Mamodiehi started writing her own poetry when she was in grade 7 and has never stoped writing since then.

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