Empty Pool by AnaC

AnaC | May 9th, 2018 | poetry | 1 Comment

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Giving up on my dreams, one by one
What a shell of a human I’ve become.
I smile, I wave
Like a good girl, I behave.
Feeling empty, feeling lost
What the price of life has cost!
Inadequate and useless
All those around me are clueless.
My parents deserve a better daughter
My husband deserves a better wife
My daughter deserves a better mother.
My brother deserves a better sister.
I should be a better friend
A better employee
A better Christian
But I’m drowning in an empty pool.

Poet Bio

Born in 1986. From South Africa. A reading fanatic, mother, daughter, sister, wife. Trying to get by with the daily struggles of life. First poem was published in 2003 and opened up a new word of expression.

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