Empty Thoughts by Mapitsane Maila

Mapitsane Maila | January 31st, 2013 | a poem a day challenge | No Comments

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A Poem A Day writing prompt… in few days i’m going to die

Thinking but makes no sense
Smiling and wondering for ever
Laughing and seeing what others can’t see
Thoughts that hold no grounds
living in fear of being victimised
Knowing secret key of life
Not normal to others
Doors open but fear of darkness prevails
Never let it go because was promised once
If taken, missing you will be the word attached to your name.
Unlike trees that falls and grows again
Knowing that you live only once.
Irrational but knowing certain thing in life
Not knowing the day but assured to happen
Tears will fall but healing will follow
Memories will remain but not guaranteed for ever

Poet Bio

Mapitsane was born in a small village called Maila Segolo around sekhukhune area in limpopo province. Studying information technology management at university of South African and his residing in Midrand. I love and enjoy writing more than anything I can think of. Poetry happen to be a pillar of my strength. I write about emotions, challenges or any situations I may come across in life.

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