Empyrean Gore by Enigma Obsoleta

Enigma Obsoleta | May 6th, 2019 | poetry | No Comments


Knavish darkness.
Iniquity of the deep below Kerberos, the three-headed Beast.
You’ve lost your feet,
Ego has hardened your knees.
Check your posture, close your eyes; the hound of Hades has kept you from ascending to your higher Being.
Screaming walls;
With vigor and truth, the Four Winds blow towards the misty East.
Chained forty-four souls drowning in limbo.
Its teeth sink into your flesh like an advent feast.
Blinding scorching sky.
Bleeding spirits,
Busted attics returning back to the bedlam sinister star.
Silence all around,
This silence has lead me to the purpose that burns within.
The daemons inside subside with the light that shines and are buried by the wisdom that radiates out the third eye.
Free your mind twenty-one times,
For Kerberos has no place in the Truth that resides.
Eli, let there be … Light

Poet Bio

He is a student of life. A mathematician finding meaning in poetry and art. He is a verbal assassin – a rebel with a pen and paper as a gun, dreams for an armor and equations to decipher the mysteries of the universe within and above. Son of the Soil. Another poet, just what the world needs.

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