Enchanted by Srinath Shankar

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The chirps of birds have reduced to teases
For all the joys around no longer appeases
But then again I hear a voice
So sweet and supple it makes me wonder if I have a choice.

To rise up from this madness
And find solace in some distant fortress.
An angel stands before me as enchanting as can be
Shocking every bone, every inch of me

Eyes in which fleets are blown astray.
So enthralling a gaze, dare I look away
For at a moments notice sight can be [restrict]lost,
Of the most alluring of treasures sought at all costs.

Shining in the shimmer of the moonlight,
Draining away all strength forcing self to stay up with all might.
Blinding beauty like a diamond arising from the rough,
Silky hair waving away all other thoughts into a puff.

Pure as the dew on a first winter’a morn
Mending my mind left confused and torn.
I shy away from approaching this saintly being
For an angel is far above the reach of one always dreaming.

Heart skips a beat at the thought
Of a voice so tender even the gods have sought
Across the seven seas a jewel only of hear say
Of which all are left in awe of the similarities to a bluejay.

Poet Bio

Srinath Shankar is a second year medical student, who knows 5/6 languages. Srinath has circumscribed the globe 3 times but no recollection of his extensive travels to numerous tourist sites since he was young. He loves eating out, playing football and reading manga. He is waiting to find the love of his life. Writing poetry calms him down and sometimes takes him to a dark place.


this article was published in our print quarterly number seven, Words.



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