Encounter by Ramzi Albert Rihani

Quaz | July 16th, 2022 | poetry | No Comments


Surrounded by students with faraway looks
“Don’t fear the unknown” the teacher said
It is a place of discovery
With comfort, you get complacent
With encounter, you approach celestial spheres

Abstract makes you think
Mystery makes you dream
Like colors added to a grey winter sky
They create spring in the middle of a desert

Hundred years later, the pupils become gurus
Teaching their grandparents what heaven’s like
Years of searching
A minute of enlightenment
A cycle of life, a rhythm never-ending

Poet Bio

Ramzi Albert Rihani is a Lebanese American writer. His work has appeared in several publications including Goats Milk Magazine, Poetic Sun, Last Leaves Magazine, The Pangolin Review, The Piker Press, and The Silent Journey Anthology. He is a published music critic, wrote and published a travel book “The Other Color – a Trip Around the World in Six Months” (FMA Press, 1984), and has been living in the Washington, DC area.

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