Energy by Dieketseng Mosala

Dieketseng Mosala | Feb 24th, 2021 | poetry | No Comments


We are all in the office
Pushing the corners
Of the computer
They are focused
And I am
Ears screaming
In pain
Like waves

A message has
Been delivered

I hand over
The task
Of the

Do you ever do anything
They question

I look at them
With sacred
Eyes because
They don’t know
That my presence
Is no longer
Someone else
Has taken control

Poet Bio

Who is dieketseng, interesting question which she can be defined by that rejected individual who has every eager to deliver words of importance. The reality of our reading group is quite scarry and its a constant nightmare for black writers to find thier voice on a white dominated industry blocking out the voices of African stories and history. She was a young child walking the corridors of book stores amazed by the complexities of book which influenced her mind and rooted her interest in literature. It is also true that deciding to become a writer for parents can be like diving into a deep end expecting to be eaten alive , so here is my piece of work waiting for the world to see but the channels are always locked in the hands of gate keeps

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