engage in the TEXT by Dina-Ruth Lulua

Dina-Ruth Lulua | November 26th, 2017 | poetry | No Comments


Beloved, I wish you knew that text isn’t only on paper
come closer
the touch of my hand is text, It reads

Come here, engage the deep text of my body
A text of unspoken words
Just motion
Read the colour of my skin

It’s a sun on its own
And a shine to your soul

I appreciate the text that feeds your mind
But here I want the text of your emotion
Your text that quickens my beating but slows my breathing.

Give me the text of your eyes
and I’ll give the text of my smile
to make you come alive
a repeated sunrise.

Let me sit beside you to feel the text of your heart
Let it tell me the stories of how you want me
Want me
Do you want me?

Text is more than the words on that paper
My lips are a text
you might want to engage in
My thoughts are a text
My spoken word a text too

Let me text you

And after the text of our engagement
Tell me again what the text is.

Poet Bio

dina-Ruth (yes the ‘d’ is lower case) is Ugandan-South African. She’s currently an academic, moonlights as a medical doctor and always a creative.She loves words(all versions), enjoys laughing, talking to God (the real one), eating other peoples food, seeking truth, healing people, chasing unicorns, cycling and speaking of herself in the third person…you know, regular superwoman things.

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