Enough by Mteteleli Ceza

Mteteleli Ceza | March 16th, 2016 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments

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I have heard enough of the breaking,
Souls shattering,
Hearts fracturing,
Individuals surviving,
Torn out bones clashing like stick boys fighting for a meal.
I have had enough of the chanting,
Weary individuals marching,
Feet aching,
The walking to a long journey of freedom,
Citizens the walk is still freezing,
The road is still dirty and time,
Time is still running, sprinting ahead of us we stay behind it like the past.
In the past we have had has transformed from hairy beasts came evolution we were deemed dirty simple pollution but we were the revolution maybe.
But I have heard enough of the breaking,
Calabashes thrown down,
Beer bottles all down,
In the past I’ve seen my father drown in one of them.

Poet Bio

Mteteleli Ceza is a student, of life and everything else.

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