Entitled Man by Veronica Sigamoney

Veronica Sigamoney | March 11th, 2021 | poetry | 1 Comment

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Storm the palace
Man, go! Begone!
But why? What’s wrong?
Incestuous porn?
Please. C’mon.

Just comrades and partners
The big man’s dancers
Not bound. Not gagged. Not one in three
State theatre. Not capture
We’re jiving. Free
The tangle. The twist. The backhand move
You won’t miss this patronage groove

Protecting the public?
From what? From who?
The left is the right
The lies are all true

It’s business. That’s all
We’re tripping. That’s all
Reality stripping
Daggers dripping
Sharp cuts
Suits stretched tight
Us heavyweights don’t carry light

Bloating, deep throating
Machine guns smoking
Why huff? Why puff?
Take it as you give it
It’s no fuss stuff

Summons? Contempt?
What’s this Commission?
The time I’m doing
Is forever in remission

Shakedown. Don’t takedown
Fifteen years
And counting
Add some noughts
If you want some accounting

New dawn? Day in court?
Who’s a master at feint and retort?
See. Now for the tea
Spills. Fuck
Still, it’s a full cup

Entitled man
The nature of hate
Won’t shut up

Poet Bio

Veronica Sigamoney is an anthropologist and social researcher. She has a keen interest in the role that language plays in the politics and lived experiences of inclusion and exclusion. Her work has examined this in relation to sexual and gender minorities and HIV and AIDS-related stigma, among other things. Much of the research that Veronica has undertaken focuses on transformation, especially efforts to advance gender equality and diversity-based inclusions. She has contributed to the scholarship in these areas, and has also published in the popular press. From time to time Veronica writes a poem.

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1 thought on “Entitled Man by Veronica Sigamoney”

  1. Wow Veronica , poetry with an expressionable depth. awesome. I find it explosive with an element of Soul searching. I look forward to your next read.

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