Epiphany by Hazel Tobo

Hazel Tobo | Jul 24th, 2019 | poetry | 1 Comment


I sit in the dark,
my head heavy with just enough memories.
The person I like is a baobab tree,
wise with thoughts that could strike rocks into diamonds.
I, on the other hand, am a book, written as the page flips,
a constant thought in my heart,
a mix of something refreshing yet conflicting.
Only I have been the mountains I couldn’t climb,
and only I have been the mountains that melt into open roads at the sound of my voice.
Tomorrow knows me
and I do not know how to assume that I will find my way back to my baobab tree
When only I am the free one.

Poet Bio

Hazel Tobo, a girl of the Northern Province. She is a writer, a photographer and an illustrator and poet. She is also a traveler and a constantly evolving artist and founder of Balang Press, an NPO that promotes readership in the young and rural-based.

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