E’skia Mphahlele (17 December 1919 – 27 October 2008)

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Another bright light extinguished. E’skia Mphahlele crossed over to the ancestral realm on the 27th of October 2008. This esteemed intellectual was one of the last original writers of Drum magazine. Bab’ Mphahlele was a wielder, breaker and maker of words as well as bringer and sharer of knowledge.

Ezekial E’skia Mphahlele was born in 1919 in Lebowakgomo. This great mind grew up herding cattle and went to author 18 books (from short stories, novels to essays and instructional material).

1975 Mphahlele wrote it is no use talking in the abstract about an Afrikan worldview based on traditional values if at the same time we are content to live in a physical and human landscape created or determined by a European worldview.

“Afrikans, let us find ourselves happening to events, instead of always responding to events happening to us.” Es’kia Mphahlele – 1990

“I am an irrepressible teacher, and will teach anywhere I am invited to, as long as I am not asked to play the role of a token nigger.” Es’kia Mphahlele – 1988

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