Espeyu Nocherniegu / Nocturnal Mirror by Xe M. Sánchez

Xe M. Sánchez | Oct 1st, 2020 | poetry | No Comments


Nueche de lluna llena.
Nueche afayadiza
pa la poesía.
La lluna namái ye un espeyu
qu’emplega Belenus
(el vieyu sol celta)
pa peñase
anantes d’alborecer
y la nueche
namái ye una solombra
que me remembra’l mio llugar
nel universu.

English Translation

Full moon night.
Cozy night
for poetry-
The moon is only the mirror
used by Belenus
(the old Celtic sun)
to comb himself
before dawn
and the night
is only a shadow
which reminds me my place
in the universe.

Poet Bio

Xe M. Sánchez was born in 1970 in Grau (Asturies, Spain). He received his Ph.D. in History from the University of Oviedo in 2016, he is anthropologist and he also studied Tourism and three masters. He has published in Asturian language seven books and several publications in journals and reviews in Asturies, USA, Portugal, France, Sweden, Scotland, Australia, South Africa, India, Italy, England, Canada, Reunion Island, China, Ireland, Belgium and Netherlands.

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