Eternal Echoes of Unconditional Love by Laeeq Orrie

Laeeq Orrie | September 10th, 2023 | poetry | No Comments

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In shadows deep, where dreams take flight,
Amidst the stillness of the night,
A whispered truth begins to rise,
Unveiling joy beneath starlit skies.

What makes you happy? The soul does ask,
In tender moments, memories bask,
Yet not in riches or fleeting glee,
But in the embrace of love, set free.

Unconditional, a beacon bright,
A flame that warms the darkest night,
It weaves a tapestry of grace,
Guiding hearts to a sacred place.

Through trials and storms, it stands unchanged,
A sanctuary where hearts are ranged,
With every heartbeat, a gentle touch,
A promise that lingers, means so much.

No need for words, no need to prove,
In every act of kindness, love moves,
A symphony of feelings, profound,
Unspoken chords in harmony bound.

Oh, the joy that blooms within,
When love’s soft whispers softly begin,
In laughter shared and tears embraced,
Eternal echoes of love are traced.

What makes you happy? A question sent,
An answer found in love’s intent,
Unconditional, it lights the way,
A masterpiece of emotions at play.

Poet Bio

Laeeq is a student 17 years of age
Poetry is one of his many great passions
All of his poetic pieces are unique
His every word, is expressed in great complexity.

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