EtherWomb by INWI

INWI | May 9th, 2022 | poetry | No Comments


‘My mother taught me how to whisper wishes into mountains. Sang stream song to the stars, built palaces on the eyelashes of mysterious ether boys with gold for bones and forbidden spells for skin.

My womb taught me to love backwards then forward.
Tossed me between waning and waxing
Then took me 3 seasons to birth my mother and grandmother

Earth cradled my aspirations, carved them into the branches of trees, and every fall each leaf fell as a remnant of our song me and my mother’s
We Ether people
with the blueprint of life

Poet Bio

Funwaini Inwi Sibanda is a Zimbabwean born multidisciplinary artist and multidimensional conduit collaborating different art forms to find their path back home to the Ether, currently working on a Poetry EP mused by Ether People doing the hard but necessary work of Love

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