Eureka by TheMotion

Quaz | March 3rd, 2019 | poetry | No Comments

Poet Bio

I remember when we met.
She was rocking a smile, short hair and a pair of skinny jeans.
With flat shoes and a matching heartbeat.
The sound of her laughter almost off-key,
But always on track –
She’s as smooth as jazz.
A medium height Soul-Sista
With a beauty so killah.
I felt a change.
Like, this was my chance.
The self I was searching for,
Sneaked up on me and reached forth.
I realised that a moment of contentment
Is far better than a thousand disappointments.

Poet Bio

TheMotion is a Storyteller and Poet. He has featured in three Poetry Potion’s quarterly publications “The Language Issue” as ‘Motion Of Poetry’, “This Woman Is” as ‘TheMotion’ and recently “This Way We Salute You” using his real name.

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