Even so by Tamar Gvelesiani

Tamar Gvelesiani | January 5th, 2021 | poetry | No Comments

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And winds blow
Winds slow,
They come and
Still go.
Even so.

Fair blows
And I see a steady flow
Of hopes I follow.

And steps come and
Steps go.
Still, river flows in me
As follows.

Winds fast, winds rush
As autumn comes,
And leaves start
To rattle at once.

Tunes and whistles
Of windy blows,
I could not hear,
I never hold.

And I go
As wind follows me,
Like being her dream.

Still I go,
As I haven’t found
A way out.

And I become deaf,
I am six feet deep,
I freeze.
And winds blow
Hopes I followed.

Even so,
I never know
Where winds go,
Where I blow.

Still even so,
I never follow
Winds of springs,
Winds of hopes,
How they come and
Where they go.

Even so,
I still hear tunes
As wind slows.

Still even so,
I feel the symphony
Of windy blows.

Poet Bio

Tamar Gvelesiani comes from Tbilisi, Georgia. By profession she is a doctor and art historian. Tamar has graduated from Tbilisi State Medical University, faculty of Medicine and from Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University (TSU), Faculty of Humanities, Art History and Theory (BA). At the time she is a PhD student in the field of cardiac surgery at Tbilisi State University.

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