“Everything and Nothing” by Ngang God’swill N.

Ngang God'swill N. | March 14th, 2021 | poetry | No Comments

Poet Bio

Everything and Nothing

In this shifting reality,
you are a kiss of the wind
and a root to my feet;
for in time immemorial,
you are here and not.

In this shifting reality,
you are a raging storm
and a constant sunset;
for in time immemorial,
we fight and we kiss.

In this shifting reality,
you are my days’ end
and my walk-through life;
for in time immoral,
you’ve been everything and nothing.

Poet Bio

Ngang God’swill N. a creative writer born and living in Cameroon. He writes on a variety of platforms but mostly on medium via his Medium handle NGANG GOD’SWILL N.
His writing leans on the thematic areas of love, philosophy, war, motivation and culture and cuts across poetry and prose. He loves trying out new forms of writing and when he is not writing, he enjoys singing and soccer.

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