Exalt my moon by Pippymoonbeam

Pippymoonbeam | July 12th, 2022 | poetry | No Comments


Exalt my moon.
My shadow weaved with secrets cast aside by the day.
In crescent, she reminds me I belong – raw tender and kind.
we flow with the tides, bleed our seeds into darkness, remnants of unswollen bellies.
And return to this Earth from which we’ve sprung.
As she before me, a womb made of magic and moon dust – giver of life.
Every womb sacred and treasured belongs to a life already born.
Tender and kind this life shall thrive manifest survive.
In gratitude I am whole – a miracle to be cherished, simply to be.
I am blessed with this body. A daughter to this world,
I will learn and I will teach. I will share the love I receive.
I will howl at the moon and I will live my life wild and freely.

Poet Bio

Dierdra is a 40-year-old youthful lady finding her voice, and expressing it through her words. An avid lover of all things spiritual, she enjoys profound conversations, singing, creating with friends, astrology & riding her bike with no handlebars.

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