Excuse me by Sihle Ntuli

Sihle Ntuli | May 9th, 2011 | poetry | No Comments


Excuse Me you say
I am non apologetic & far from apathetic
Though being in the district of the sparrow can take it’s toll
Like the road that makes me pay for frozen gates
Being far away makes one cold they say
I’m cold enough to return that “excuse me”
So YOU! Apologize
I’ll just freeze your words and hang them up
Your world made us this way.

Excuse Me
I ask to pass through
Before I blow a fuse
This current flow of action is overflow
Short circuits overload to mental excessive’s
Neuron bullet loaded in neurological expectance
And the mind replies with a calm before the trigger line
If I let these neurons fire
Would I be excused

Or I could just blow my brains out
As an artistic excuse
Instead of excuse me when I don’t have all of you
These words they fall on deaf ears
With Wax which I could light a fuse
Therefore I beg a question
If I suicide bombed our minds
Would I be excused

Poet Bio

Currently a student studying a B.A and also a recently returning writer whose works have appeared on litnet. itch, U.K based Sang Bleu , Jiggered & Poetry Potion. Also founder of LBRMovement which is a lifestyle blog incorporating poetry into the urban world rather than isolating it.

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