Failure by Azola Dayile

Azola Dayile | May 1st, 2012 | poetry | No Comments

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Failure, a thought more than success
We find more scarier.
Supposed to do more harm than
Good to its bearer.
Failure, something we all don’t
Want to be its carrier.

Failure, chooses not between
Superior nor inferior,
Cares not for features
Neither interior nor exterior
Failure, so random find its
Presence in Emperors.

Failure, see as a second chance to whatever.
Rebuild, resurrect and recapture.
For it’s an experience you’ll treasure forever.

Failure, not as bad as people perceive.
So good, it flatters to deceive.
Failure, a chance I’m glad to receive.

Poet Bio

I’m a first year Journalism student who has been writing poetry for the past four years.

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