Fall Apart by Ntombi Mlambo

Ntombi Mlambo | March 28th, 2017 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | 1 Comment

Poet Bio

I’m not love material
My heart doesn’t conform
It does not comprehend
…..the emotion
It rejects, detests
It suspects…

This so called “love organ” of mine
Is broken, forsaken
it’s bells no longer chime.

Been there, done that
Not planning on going back
Trust me on this, it’s a fact
On repeating?
Only to get broken?
To malfunction
And fall apart…

Poet Bio

Ntombi Mlambo is a University Student who enjoys both reading and writing poetry.

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1 thought on “Fall Apart by Ntombi Mlambo”

  1. I love the fact that the person disregards their love being tangible and less abstract.

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