Fallen by Menzi Maseko

Poetry Potion | March 25th, 2014 | a poem a day challenge | No Comments

A Poem A Day writing prompt – Sanctuary


We stood up to them
They did not move
We insisted that this is our haven
After the fires, the blood and the rewriting of our history
They did not move

The people who are paler in hue
and the ones who are darker than blue
Vivid impressions on the skull of the unforgiven
Livid expressions on the faces of the forsaken

All searching
Reaching for real and imagined home
The golden pond at the rainbows end

Lost so long we’ve learned to pretend
That home is where-ever we land
Wherever we have been forced by circumstance to stand

Poet Bio

Menzi Maseko is a Socio-Cultural Activist who works as Resource Centre/Library Manager and Events Organiser at the BAT CENTRE


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