Fate Wheels by Orsbon Fatyela

Orsbon Fatyela | February 3rd, 2016 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments

Poet Bio

How many of our relatives must we lose?
How many tragedies must adolescents see?
For you to cease to tie one on
Paricularily behind the wheel

Are you aware of the traumas and commas
You’ve caused?
Of those who’ve lost their sanìty

The blood of the nation upon you
The cry of thousands on you
Are you that deaf not to hear
Though year to year you’re urged to lend an ear

I dispise you fate geneses,
For you’ve driven our drivers to death
Made us dug six feet for innocent souls

But once again as a nation
We request that you show compassion
For our spouses, siblings and our selves
I curse the day you were born harmful liquor

Poet Bio

Born in the reeking rivers of Lower Seplan, bread on the rocky roads of Worcester and buttered in the cruel streets of Cape Town is Orsbon Lwando Fatyela. Orsbon studied at Luzuko Junior Secondary School in Lower Sepaln a village in Cala, Eastern Cape, South Africa where he resided for fourteen years prior to moving to Worcester in the Western Cape where he stayed three years while studying at Vusisizwe Senior Secondary School. After his successful completion of matric he went on to study Retail Business Management at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology where his passion for poetry matured.

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