featured poem: I heard fame and fashion calling your name by Neo Molefe (shameeyaa)

Neo Molefe (shameeyaa) | March 30th, 2009 | featured poem, poetry | No Comments

I heard fame and fashion calling your name.
I saw your shadow following this command.
Heard you say,
mama, is this the result of my lucky stars!”

I saw your picture in a tabloid today,
I heard men ululating at your nakedness
Saw them fantasizing and hoping
to embed their lusts to you.
I heard your mama telling neighbours,
“my daughter is now famous, tlala inyile!!”.

I saw you walking to that boardroom
Wearing a pin-stripped-power hungry-suit with red stilettos
Holding a pen, wanting to sign
That paper, with no tariffs and quotas
So you can easily and promptly
trade and traffic your services
For the world to see your face in that glossy mag!

I heard you telling your mother,
“mama, tlala inyile,
ma-Nigerian a, aneva aje tshelete ya-oil ali-one

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