featured poem: One Night Stand by Chisanga Kabinga

Chisanga Kabinga | December 1st, 2008 | featured poem, poetry | No Comments

Tendrils of smoke swirl in the air
Fade slowly
They lie post coital
Cold blue TV lights flicker
He inhales the shampoo scent of her hair
Of a memory that could dissolve this delicate haze
His eyes close
Recollecting those of another as
His lips caress her forehead
She knows his lips are haunted but
Her back curls
Near perfect
Into the spoon of his body
Her eyes close in a fantasy
Of a love she wishes she felt for him
His comfort curls around her like a familiar blanket
Long gone, never forgotten
She closes her eyes, pretends
This is home
That his gentle kiss is love
Her fingers intercept the
Misplaced longings of his hands
He accepts the false poetry of
Her warm caress
He inhales the thick smoky rings of
Her secret wish
His feet find her cold ones
Warmed by the blanket of their illusions
Prolonging the one night stand

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