Featured Poem: Renegade by Wazi M. Kunene

Wazi M. Kunene | August 15th, 2018 | poetry | No Comments


In death and birth throes
Live or die
Sparing with the illusion
Live or die

Call me a renegade
But then again
Poverty will pickpocket your living
Summon you
Till we’re joint desperados
Pickpocketing the living
Hey Renegade]

From the pit of your facade
You emerge a renegade
Air-thirsty savage
Aroused by your gasp

A season of pugnacious jingoism
I’m man, I’m a man
I can eat a woman
A coming of an overthrow
I’m a woman I’m a woman
I will eat a man
A paroxysm of purging
God God
I ate God

From the pit of your living
Time undergoes a seizure
Enkindles anxiety
You are living
Eternal pandemonium

Fitful rest
My father’s clone
In death and birth throes
Sparing with the illusion
In the dungeon
King of bondage

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