Feonine Scherman by Feonine Scherman

Feonine Scherman | April 11th, 2016 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments

Poet Bio

He looks at me with eyes so soft, they speak a thousand words.
Words of compassion and tenderness.
What kind of love is this?

His promises are firm and His heart kind.
What kind of love is this?
His the perfect Father, indeed He is.
What kind of love is this?

Unconditional is the word at hand,
That best describes His love command.
“Take my hand and walk with me”, I’m your Father who came to set you free.

Poet Bio

Feonine Scherman is a spontaneous, outgoing and passionate lady who lives in the beautiful Mother City – Cape Town. She sees life through the eyes of her Creator and has so much to give in life. She expresses her thoughts, feelings and emotions through her poetry, releasing a piece of her through each one of them.Taking the reader on a journey of discovering something so much bigger than life itself.

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