Figures by Tshepo Maredi

Poetry Potion | August 26th, 2014 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments

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There is an energy
an almost boundless sincerity
in the true choreography of this never ending performance
an unmistakeable dedication in the footsteps
and leaps
sweat and tears that linger in the single bright light
as my silhouette passes
willingly guided into the darkness on the other side of this emotion
pain in the odour of the breath
that is silently released from my mouth as I wistfully twirl my hips
entranced in the irregular rhythm of my beating heart
my outstretched palms determined to find the strong shoulders
and soft lips
the sun scorched cheeks
and silent breath of an intimate soul
betrayed every so often by my exhausted arms
that dutifully return to my sides
my fingers locked in a wishful embrace
as I gently drag my feet across the soil
my passionate movements leaving delicate traces of hope
and desire
as I twirl in and out of this single bright light
my closed eyes slowly bringing into sight the figure of man
the figure of freedom
the figure of beauty
the figure love

Poet Bio

Tshepo is the strong, silent type who, beyond his aloof exterior, loves nothing more than books, beers and butterflies.


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