Fingers in the Sand by Geoff_Da_Poet

Geoff_Da_Poet | Sep 26th, 2019 | poetry | No Comments


And now we sit here,
with our hands in our pockets
And our fingers searching for
what could have been.

Our faith has only gotten us this far.

And so we keep dreaming,
basically hoping for some miracle.
The kind that makes mountains move,
or in our case ‘rocks’.

But these things don’t happen overnight.
We had learned this the hard way.
So we take our hands out of our pockets
and start writing in the sand.

Poet Bio

Chestlyn Draghoender (as @Geoff_Da_Poet) is a writer and poet from Cape Town, South Africa. His work appears in various literary journals, including Poetry Potion, Botsotso, and Stanzas Magazine. He is passionate about human rights and equality.

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