Finland by K.G. Munro

K.G. Munro | October 23rd, 2022 | poetry | No Comments


The snowy land that ensnared my heart and soul, 
With trees of green that sparkle and gleam, 
Under the morning light, 
Each step across this Nordic soil makes me feel whole. 
As I hear whispers in the shaking leaves, 
Across the forest that’s so old, 
Their language is foreign to me. 
But breathing in the crisp air, 
this place with reindeer and rabbits everywhere,
makes me feel as if I was meant to be here,
In this country that I hold dear.

Poet Bio

K.G. Munro is an author and poet. She has been published in Oddball Magazine, Poetry Potion, Scarlet Dragonfly Journal, PSH, Splendeur Magazine, and many others. She also has been featured in Green Ink Magazine. She also has worked as a contributing writer for feversofthemind.

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