Flaws by Mia

Mia | December 16th, 2017 | poetry | No Comments


Oh, my dear one,
I wish to bare all to you
fore you decide to wed me
for I am afraid your love will fade
unlike these scars.
Look, I have stretch marks
on my thighs
on my knees
on my chest
on my arms.
On my arms
I have acne,
marks that choose to stay
and once you see them,
I am afraid that you won’t.
My skin tone is uneven,
fairer legs,
pigmentation along creases,
darker thighs.
You will find hair not only on my head,
but on the rest of my body too.
The fat that jiggles along my body
cannot be hidden.
And there are razor cuts
for I thought I could never be loved.
That is why when you say you love me,
I am afraid,
one look at these flaws
and you will cast your gaze away.

Poet Bio

Mia is a lover of words and all things poetic.

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